Surrender | Reflections from Rome 2021

July 9, 2021
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One recurring theme in my prayer during the Rome Experience has been surrendering to the Will of God. While many times it can seem easy to simply “surrender”, I have begun to see that it is in moments of trial and tribulation that God is calling us to submit to his Will in order to mold us more and more into His own likeness. In other words, trials are not given for their own sake, but are rather the very means by which God forms us into the saints He wants us to be. Fr. Ryan spoke of Servant of God Augustus Tolton, who would continually surrender to God in the difficulties of life. I recall a couple years ago learning about how Fr. Tolton would have recourse to the Blessed Mother in times of difficulty, and she would always be there for him, guiding him through the crosses of life. I admire his example of surrender, especially after Fr. Ryan’s reflection, and I will be striving to submit to God more deeply on a daily basis. This extraordinary surrender can be lived out by simple adherence to my plan of life, and obedience to my superiors. I pray I can learn to grow to surrender and trust God more daily.

Marko Rudela
Archdiocese of Los Angeles