Audio Recollections & Spiritual Retreats

I hope our Lord will do good work in our souls!
St. Josemaria Escriva

Throughout his priestly life, St. Josemaria Escriva encouraged everyone who sought to have a deeper relationship with God to set apart time for quiet reflection and prayer, away from the daily routine, to examine one’s life in the presence of Jesus Christ: to see what is going well, to see what needs to change, to make resolutions and to begin again. He encouraged all, if possible, to dedicate a few hours a month in recollection and a few days once a year on a spiritual retreat.

Inspired by St. Josemaria, The Rome Experience Audio Recollections and Spiritual Retreats for Priests and Seminarians are collections of meditations and resources to help guide this unique time of prayer throughout the year. These spiritual resources are especially prepared by priests—friends of the program—for their brother priests and seminarians who are seeking to nourish their vocation and deepen their love and friendship with Jesus Christ.


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