Lent 2016

February 17, 2016
  • popefrancislent

Numerous applications for the Rome Experience 2016 arrived by the deadline, January 11, 2016. Please stay tuned as in a couple weeks we eagerly announce the Rome Experience Class of 2016!

As we begin the season of Lent, we ask you to please remember in your prayers and sacrifices: our alumni and the seminarians and faculty who will be joining us this summer.

If possible, we also ask you and your family to consider supporting a seminarian this summer. Each year 90% of our applicants request financial assistance to participate in the program and this year has not been an exception. Thank you for your prayers and generous gifts!

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The Works of Mercy on the Road of the Jubilee
Message of His Holiness Pope Francis for Lent 2016

“In the Bull of Indiction of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, I asked that ‘the season of Lent in this Jubilee Year be lived more intensely as a privileged moment to celebrate and experience God’s mercy’ (Misericordiae Vultus, 17). By calling for an attentive listening to the word of God and encouraging the initiative ’24 Hours for the Lord’, I sought to stress the primacy of prayerful listening to God’s word, especially his prophetic word. The mercy of God is a proclamation made to the world, a proclamation which each Christian is called to experience at first hand. For this reason, during the season of Lent I will send out Missionaries of Mercy as a concrete sign to everyone of God’s closeness and forgiveness.”

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