December 18, 2020
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PHOTO: Fr. Rich Pagano during recording of the podcast


Ordained to the priesthood in 2013, Fr. Rich Pagano participated in The Rome Experience in 2009, the inaugural year of our program. Today, he is serving as Pastor of St. John Paul II Church in Ponte Vedra, Florida (Diocese of St. Augustine).

In addition to serving at his parish, Fr. Rich is a cohost of “The Catholic Talk Show”—a media outlet answering questions about the Catholic Faith and spreading the Good News through great, and often hilarious, conversations.

We are grateful to Fr. Rich for taking the time to update us on his ministry and podcast:

Q: Tell us about “The Catholic Talk Show”: When did it launch? What is the mission? What inspired you to become a part of the show?

Fr. Rich: We launched in September 2018; The show was inspired out of genuine conversation between lifelong friends that strive to live the Catholic faith and celebrate its history. Its mission is to have open conversations that aim to benefit our listeners to have a greater understanding of the faith.

Q: How do you choose the topics and prepare for each episode? As you prepare, do you have a specific audience in mind?

Fr. Rich: We have monthly and, at times, weekly conference calls discussing what we think would be good topics to cover that would have an appeal.

Q: Why do you believe that open dialogue and conversation, as well as good humor, make a good mix for sharing the Catholic faith with audiences?

Fr. Rich: Based on actual data from podcasting forums, our approach seeks to have dialogue in approachable way so that those who listen in, feel that they are a part of the conversation. With the ability to have online social media channels and interaction with our Patrons, we are able to generate a lot of relationships with people all around the world.

Q: How is the show helping you to grow in your own life of faith and in your ministry?

Fr. Rich: The fact that I get to continue to share and fellowship with my closest friends, and interact and meet with interesting people along the way whom we have on as guests, always challenges me to learn more about the faith and continue to grow into a greater practice of living.

Q: With the holiday season upon us, any tips for how we can initiate and maintain faithful and loving conversations among our families and friends?

Fr. Rich: I would share the words of St. Pio on this: “Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry.”

Q: Where or how can people tune-in to “The Catholic Talk Show”? Is there anything else that you’d like to share about the show, upcoming episodes, or other projects?

Fr. Rich: We encourage you to check out our show by visiting and see every way that you can connect with us. We are on Youtube, Spotify, Catholic TV and so many other services and would appreciate your support in prayer.