“A Vast Amount of Churches” | Postcards from Rome Experience 2017

June 15, 2017
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Top 5 Highlights:

  1. Easily the number one highlight was the Scavi Tour in letting us see the bones of Pope Saint Peter.
  2. The tour of the Capitoline Museum was a great highlight being able to see a historic site of Rome and seeing great artwork.
  3. The weekend trip to Siena that some of us planned was a great trip. It showed us an amazing town with a lot of devotion to St. Catherine of Siena.
  4. Climbing the Cupola of St. Peter’s was quite the experience. It helped me realize just how tall it is, and gave us a great view from the top.
  5. This week we also saw a majority of the churches in the city. The vast amount of similarly, ornately decorated churches in such close proximity is incredible.


This week was quite full of tours, and we saw much of Rome and just how much of a historic place it is. Seeing the vast amount of churches has shown me what the Catholic culture of this place has been like for a large portion of history. It also showed us what the Catholic culture was in the midst of as well, seeing things like ancient art and the major buildings of ancient Rome like those on the forum, the Coliseum, and many others. This was very tiring but it was a small price to pay for the great information on this culture. Professor Tinkler did an incredible job on our tours.

Elijah Puthoff

The Rome Experience Class of 2017
Archdiocese of Cincinnati
Mount St. Mary’s of the West Seminary

[About the Photo: Seminarians from the Rome Experience Class of 2017in Rome. Courtesy of Brandon Lopez.]