“A Servant-Like Heart” | Postcards from Rome 2019

June 28, 2019
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Reflection on St. John Baptist de La Salle:

Many people often times when they see something that they have great meaning or admiration towards, like a national anthem or a flag of their home country or something like that, get somewhat of a minor lump in their throat. I always experience something similar to such extent whenever I see an image of Saint John Baptist de La Salle or whenever I see a Brother of the Christian Schools for the truth to the matter of it all is that the Lasallian Spirituality to me is something very personal that I am extremely fond of.

I got one of those “lumps” in my throat when I saw the image of Saint De La Salle in the Museum of the Vatican as it brought back many beautiful memories of myself when I was just a student at Cathedral High School in the city of Los Angeles being educated, mentored, and cared for by such community of awesome and faith-filled Brothers who were great role models to learn from. Those Brothers and this Saint will forever have a special place in my heart for the greatest lesson that their students will learn is that words are meaningless until your loving actions truly define what you are trying to say and I can attest that any student who enters a Lasallian school will always leave with a servant-like heart of wanting to empower others by finding God in the very small things of their everyday lives.

The thought of changing the entire world may seem impossible but a trend of nice people treating each other well by being of service to one another is perhaps the closest we can ever get, so first thing first is to change oneself first by simply being nice to those we come across with.

Guillermo Alonso
The Rome Experience Class of 2019
Archdiocese of Los Angeles
Saint John’s Seminary in Camarillo