A Plan of Life and the Role of Vocal Prayer

June 4, 2016
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We began our week still in silent retreat in Ars.

The retreat was a great opportunity to grow in the relationship with Jesus and to deepen our love for him. As part of the retreat, we were given talks and reflections every day. Two things I learned out of the formation experience in this program so far is the importance of having a plan of life and the role of vocal and simple prayer.

Spiritually, a plan of life gives shape for a spiritual life. It is the soil on which the soul can grow out of. The plan of life constantly gets me into contact with God throughout the day. It is very concrete and real. It is the capstone, the basic foundation on which I can grow in my love for God.

Vocal prayer is also a concrete expression of my life of faith. A prayer vocally expressed creates a disposition of the soul wherein I can allow God to enter and have a deep relationship of love with me.

After the retreat, we fly to Rome to begin our Rome Experience.

Nam Doan
The Rome Experience Class of 2016

Diocese of Orange
Ordination 2020