November 19, 2018
  • pilgrim-church

In a recent article Cardinal Blase Cupich of Chicago shared some thoughts on the power of pilgrimage in Rome. Following are a few points for prayerful reflection, especially for those applying to our 2019 program and for those who have already lived the experience (#REAlumni):

“A pilgrimage by definition is an experience in which participants form a new community. We had to leave behind our desire to walk in our own ways, ways that make us feel secure. This cost each of us something, but we soon realized that there was much to gain from the experience of forming a community, relying not on familiar ways but finding a new kind of consolation as a result.”

“On our synod pilgrimage, we traveled along rocky paths, steep inclines and narrow roads. We had to help each other, to accompany each other, realizing that we travel at different paces, but that we needed to stay together. Such an experience opens a new way to understand the meaning of unity, one that appreciates that differences do not have to divide us but can actually show us how we enrich each other by complementing our strengths and weaknesses. In fact, being one is the first mark of the church, as we say in the creed.”

“Our pilgrimage in Rome, while difficult at times, opened new vistas as we came to spots overlooking the entire city in all its splendor. The panoramas offered gave us a sense of anticipation about what was waiting for us at the end of our journey, encouraging us to keep moving forward.”

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