2023 Priestly Ordinations | Alumni News

August 30, 2023
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Congratulations to our newly ordained alumni! May Christ’s example and friendship strengthen you and bring you joy in your ministry.

Rev. Steven Chabarria ‘21
Diocese of Tyler

Rev. Alex Dugas ‘19
Archdiocese of Cincinnati

Rev. Cesar Garcia ‘22
Diocese of Dallas

Rev. Ian Gaston ‘19
Diocese of Orange

Rev. Marc Gustinelli ‘19
Diocese of Palm Beach

Rev. Anthony Hoangphan ‘19
Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon

Rev. Stephen Hughes ‘19
Archdiocese of Cincinnati

Rev. Jonathan Jergens ‘19
Archdiocese of Cincinnati

Rev. Matthew Knight ‘19
Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon

Rev. Kevin Kolker ‘22
Diocese of Dallas

Rev. Vu Nguyen ‘22
Diocese of Dallas

Rev. Enrique Piceno, Jr. ‘18
Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Rev. Luke Prihoda ‘18
Diocese of Victoria in Texas

Rev. Jesus Rodriguez ‘19
Diocese of Brownsville

Rev. Miguel Sotelo ‘22
Diocese of Dallas

Rev. Jeffrey Stephens ‘19
Archdiocese of Cincinnati

Rev. David Duy Tran ‘19
Archdiocese of Cincinnati

Rev. Charles Wilton ‘19
Diocese of Arlington

“As we ponder the birth of our Priesthood…each of us recalls that most evocative moment when, on the day of our priestly Ordination, we prostrated ourselves on the sanctuary floor. This gesture of deep humility and obedient openness was splendidly designed to ready our soul for the sacramental imposition of hands, through which the Holy Spirit entered us to accomplish his work.” – St. John Paul II (Holy Thursday Letter, 1998)

Photo: Now-Fr. Matthew Knight ’19